TESOL Jaipur

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M.A. - Philippines said:
This Unit covered how to approach new language in the classroom. With each type of skill that you teach you the classroom there will have to be a different approach. This unit shows us that when covering vocabulary, specific grammar, or language functions we have to first consider the students that will get the information. First, vocabulary there is so much to consider before teaching the words to your class from selecting the words to what the students need to know. This reminds the teachers that they need to keep their focus and not get sidetracked on other things that may come up. Also, introducing the different types of activities to do for each stage of your lesson. Secondly, grammar when introducing this to students again so many other criteria to consider that is different from when teaching vocabulary. Finally, language functions which many people sometimes include in grammar. This is one of the most important skills we can teach your students because this is the final product they will hope to achieve using the language in this way. This unit has been very helpful in looking at the different ways we teach the different skills in the classroom.