TESOL Jiangjin

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E.S. - Germany said:
I was not expecting there to be so much detailed information in the Pronunciation and Phonetic unit. As a native English speaker this was not a huge part of my education, as these are the only sounds we ever learn. It was very intuitive, however, after I have reviewed the unit I realize this may be one of the most essential parts of teaching language. When I am in foreign communities where the native language is not English, I have a very difficult time forming the words and sounds in my mouth. So I understand the trouble this may cause for English learners, and how helpful this section was in breaking down the sounds and anatomical formation required to produce. I found this unit very interesting and challenging. In particular the International Phonemic Language was a challenge, it was just like learning a new language. I recall while volunteering at a school in Cambodia, a student came up to me asking what the characters meant in her dictionary and I unfortunately was unable to assist her. However, I have a much better understanding today, and look forward to practicing these lessons in the future.