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S.B. - France said:
The unit discussed the advantages and disadvantages to utilizing authentic and non-authentic materials as teaching aids during a lesson. Students often find authentic materials more interesting since they are real life examples, but they must be properly screened to make sure all the content is appropriate and relevant for the class. Although, it can also be difficult to use authentic materials because the language isn't graded for different levels either. Non-authentic materials are purposefully made to be used as teaching aids and will focus more on providing a guided practice on certain specific language points graded to different language levels. The usefulness and importance of lesson planning was also discussed in this unit. Lesson plans serve as great records on what subjects, grammar, and vocabulary have been covered for the teacher to continue to build upon, but also in cases of emergency to help a substitute teacher to cover the lesson. Writing lessons plans with the level of detail that another teacher could facilitate the lesson is extremely helpful in these cases and also to ensure all learner objectives are accomplished over the length of the whole course. Finally, this unit offered additional online resources to find materials, which is especially useful to keep lessons up to date with current events or business practices that might need to be covered in a course depending on the type of company and the students' job responsibilities.