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This was a very challenging unit. Not sure how well I know the material yet but will continue to perfect my knowledge of how to recognze and teach the tenses presented in order to be a more accurate teacher. The order presented after each tense in the affirmative, negative and question help tremendously. However, I wish the unit had shown more examples that may not start exactly as they are shown in the examples. It would help me to understand how to spot each tense in sentences that don't adhere rigorously to the diagram. Thanks!After watching these videos, it easier to understand the differences between an ineffective lesson and a successful. In the first lesson the teacher looked like he didn't want to be there and completely dismissed the engage stage of the lesson. I wouldn't have enjoyed that class if I were a student. In the second lesson, it was clear to see that the teacher enjoyed what he did which in turn made the students enjoy the class. I could understand how a teacher approaches a lesson can dramatically change how that lesson with play out.