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In this unit, I learned about the importance of familiarizing myself with the different parts of speech in English before beginning to attempt to teach the language to others. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that although it is not expected that I will never need to consult other resources on grammar, if I wish to maintain the confidence of my students then I must demonstrate that I do in fact have an understanding of English grammar. The second reason is by familiarizing myself with English grammar I will be introduce to variety of exceptions that exist among concept rules which some of my future students are bound to struggle with at one time or another. Some concepts in English grammar can only be memorized; there actually are no rules that can be used to explain them to students, for example, the irregular noun plurals. If I know what grammar exceptions and concepts lack rules ahead of time I will be better prepared to answer questions pertaining to their existence when they inevitably pop up in the future.