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This lesson was about evaluations and testing. It went over evaluating students that are currently in your course to see how they are feeling about the material. It also went over the different tests that are given from entering the school to external tests for going beyond. Also, it went over specific tests tailored for specific reasons like people that moved to Britain or people that are interested in English. I learned about almost all of these tests as I was only familiar with a few of them.I learned a lot in this unit regarding on how to teach productive skills, I got point reminders on how to help the students with spelling and in creative writing. I saw that it is really important for the teacher to be sensitive towards the needs of the students in the class and on how important giving encouragement to the class is. I can really set some of the statements written in this unit as reminder to me in the near future. I even actually decided to write them on sticky-notes and post-its!