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Unit nineteen covers strategies, potential problems and solutions for teaching specific types of english classes (mainly beginners and business english). The authors point out the usefulness of day one surveys for business students, as well as the importance of tailoring the content of the lessons to those needs. With young learners or very beginners it?s made clear that lessons need to be active and consistent. The teacher can control if the students are bored or not receiving the attention they need in a lesson. In both settings you have to be flexible.Those two videos show entirely different styles of teaching and we can see the students act much more effectively in the second video.In the first lesson,students are more confused and intimidated as them are not given a clear explanation of the lesson and find it hard to understand.The teacher has a positive and engaging attitude in the second lesson and the students respond with a high level of participation.What is more obvious is that the teacher is smiling with a positive attitude in the second video while scowling and looking unhappy in the first one.