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Future tenses just like present tense have some similarities it is just that the the subject is still on going till the future. The best ways to teach this is by letting them make diaries, journals and back to the future games asking them what will they become on a certain time in the future. Though its a little confusing, the usages of \"ing, been, have, had, to be going,.so in each corresponding future tense has their own characteristics that have to differentiate from one another. The future simple is based on more likely predictions,The future continuous is base on the unfinished action or event that will be in progress in the future, to see ourselves in the future. The future perfect is the tense that finished the task in the future. The future perfect continuous is the same as simple perfect it project us the future. The \"be going\"suggests a strong association withe present moment.The simple present is used in general truths and fixed arrangements. Lastly the Present Continuous is describing the event going on on the moment of speaking.