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In this unit, I learned about the past tenses and the different patterns and forms that are used for each tense. The two most often used tenses in the English language are past simple and past continuous, while past perfect and past continuous are rarely used. I also learned that it is very important to focus on structure when dealing with the past tenses. The activate stage is critical when teaching past tenses, and the students should be allowed to maximize their talk time and use the language freely in the target language.This unit was more thurough in the understanding of tenses for the present. It broke the present tense down into more parts which are not exactly thought of in everyday communication. It has been unique to me in seeing the different ways of speech when referring to the present. Usually, as stated in the unit, just three tenses are usually common for many people of the english language: past, present, and future. Seeing just the present broken down into 4 pieces is intimidating at first but not too much to not understand them.