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Modal verbs are used before other verbs to express a series of different ideas. 'May', for example, is used for polite requests, 'have to' for obligations,'need to' for lack of need (negative sentence) or necessity, can to indicate the ability to do something. Passive voice is also an important topic in grammar. It can be built with the verb 'be' followed by the past participle and it is usually used when we do not want to say who did the action.This unit covers the types of classes that I might be teaching in the field, which include beginners, young learners, one on ones, business English, and so on. The unit explains techniques to be used in each type of class and what should be avoided as well. I got a lot out of the young learners section, because I will be teaching them in the near future. I need to learn to be more comical and engaging to the young students to keep them interested.