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Receptive and productive skills are tightly intertwined and sometimes it is obvious that lack of reception affects production. One of my students hadn't been able to produce a coherent utterance for quite a long time, almost all of his answers/statements tended to change direction and lose sense in the end despite his vast vocabulary, guite a good grammar knowledge and satisfactory retelling. Trying to figure out what was going on, once I asked him to pick out key words while reading rather simple for his level text and then restore the from the set of key words he had chosen. Apparently, he lost the second part of the story as he usually did when spoke up. In order to teach him to stick to the point I gave him that task on picking out the key words and further restoring repeatedly during several lessons, after that his speaking improved quite remarkably as well. So, skills interact and influence each other, sometimes in their own secretive way, so that it is always helpful for a teacher to master as many approaches and techniques as possible.