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Unit 11 zooms in on receptive skills and how to teach these. Receptive skills are reading and listening. When people read or listen they can do so for purpose or for pleasure. When reading/listening for purpose they’re after some specific details or information. When reading/listening for pleasure they do so to enjoy themselves, for example by reading a novel. In order to read/listen effectively and understand what is written/being said people make use of special skills: 1) Predictive skills 2) Scanning 3) Skimming 4) Acquiring detailed information 5) Deduction from context When teaching receptive skills, it is important that the teacher carefully selects the reading/listening material. The content should pique the interest of the students and the vocabulary and grammar used should be suitable for the level of students. Not too easy and not too difficult. In case there are some difficult words in the text that students may not be familiar with and that are key to understanding the text, it may be useful to pre-teach this vocabulary.