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An EFL teacher should have a good knowledge of the tense system in English. There are four present tenses in English. The present simple is the basic tense, and can describe routine actions, facts, present stories and commentaries. The present continuous form or present progressive is used to describe developing situations, frequent actions, or an action happening at time of speaking. The present perfect describes actions completed at certain time or past actions with present results. The present perfect continuous ties past and present activities.I think that reading this unit has made me understand how important exams are and also how important it is to maintain the right language level when it comes to keeping up to date with progress. I think that it is very important to use these tests very effective because without checking progress i think this can cause a very big affect on how students treats the lessons especially when it comes to kids or teens, I think they tent to lose focus in the lessons when they are not tested on a regular basis, however when you have a test in mind planned.