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This unit explained about the use of course books and what to expect from them. I was able to understand the difference of authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are real world material, therefore, can help student gain more confidence if they understand it. Created materials are created by the teacher, not based on the course book. Course books usually have a structure to them and a syllabus that students and teachers go by. A teacher shouldn't base off all their lessons and activities from a course book because it could start getting predictable and boring for the students. As a teacher, you should try to create your own fun lessons and activities as long as you pick a topic that is relevant of what they should be learning. Also, when analyzing a course book, a teacher should make sure that it fits the students needs, like topic choices or a mixed balance of skills. There are definitely some advantages and disadvantages and it is a teachers decision on how you want to go about using the course books and materials.