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This is a really good unit for refreshing how on earth the complicated forms of tenses interact. I was trained in Linguistics and so I am used to the idea that there are only 2 tenses in English, but I was unaware of the practical 12 forms of the tenses. I am particularly interested to try out all of the suggested activities for teaching the various tenses. I have always enjoyed using music to teach a certain grammar point because it teaches the students to listen for certain structures, but it is really hard to find one that are both specific and clear enough to serve well.This unit covered a lot of different topics, from discerning between the different types of beginners to the way that we should approach the class depending on the level, participants, situations, etc. I like that there was a section that specified some tips for teaching beginners as well as pointing out some possible problems. It was also helpful to read the different approach and mindset teachers may have when teaching business english in contrast to colloquial english. I like the inclusion of the ESA part at the end of the test to get us thinking in terms of real lessons.