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\"Managing Classes\" was an intriguing part. When I started going through the unit, I was wondering whether it would mention the \"problem behavior\" issue. Luckily, it did. I have always had question marks regarding how to deal with certain situations related to problem behavior, which this unit helped shed some light on by providing logical ways of how to solve them, especially the technique which suggests focusing on the problem behavior itself than the problem person. It makes sense!This unit stressed Modal Auxiliary verbs, Active and Passive voice, as well as, Phrasal Verbs. The stronger modals leave no doubt when it comes to the action and the weaker modals leave doubt in the situation (must vs. may/could). The passive voice takes the focus off of the doer of the action and places it upon what is happening to the object of the action. Phrasal verbs seemed a bit confusing and will take more practice so that they can be communicated to the students more effectively.