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This unit gave firsthand examples of an ESA lesson plan and how it can be implemented in the classroom. The teacher used different animals and simple verbs to show the difference between \"can\" and \"cannot.\" I found this lesson especially helpful because it shows both how a teacher's attitude can change a lesson, as well as new and interesting methods for engaging students. More specifically, it shows how something seemingly unrelated to the grammar (animals) can make the content more interesting and approachable.In this unit I have learned about the importance of receptive skills - reading and listening. There are a variety of reasons for pursuing a higher reading or listening level, such as for a specific purpose or entertainment. Students with improved receptive skills will also be able to perform scanning and skimming, which requires a quick reading pace. Interest in certain topics is what drives many students. It is important to cover a wide range of topics to keep students interested in improving their receptive skills.