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This unit covered a few different grammar points--modal verbs, passive voice, clauses, and phrasal verbs. For modal verbs, it discussed the various uses of each modal verb and near modal verbs. It also discussed how to construct them in each tense and useful methods of teaching them. For passive voice, it discussed how to construct it and the uses of it. It discussed the different types of clauses and how to identify them. Lastly, it discussed the different types of phrasal verbs and how to teach them.In this unit, I learned and realized that those who have been using the skimming, predictive, scanning, and other skills apply these in our daily lives. I have been unaware that these skills are a way of understanding what we are reading. I only thought it's a \"style\" on how to get the information needed on what we are reading. But for new English language learners, it is new to them especially the young ones. I agree that receptive and productive skills are very important in learning a new language.