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Teaching vocabulary, grammars and functions to general types of learners should begin with the basics of its structures. Considering their usages, meanings, similarity from their onw native languages and the appropriateness to each lever of learners. Oftentimes, the teachers' challenge is choosing the appropriate level of vocabulary, grammar and functions to its learners. In the end, learners should learn these kinds of lesson and made it useful to their daily lives, and manage to develop and upgrade the learning all throughout.Theories, methods and techniques is a very important approach at how we engage with our students when teaching English. Again we must focus on the type of situation we are in and select the appropriate method of how to engage and keep our students active and interested. The different styles mentioned in this lesson clearly identify the activate, study, engage methodology of usage and it is important to understand these clearly. Different approaches again are used to assist the learner with their understanding of the language.