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First, differences between speaking and writing challenges and problems was really useful. Problems facing new learners regarding both speaking and writing and how to overcome and face them really benefited me and helped me gain a prior overview and expectations of how my own experience would be in teaching my students speaking and writing. Types of activities used with speaking; controlled, guided and communicative and differences between fluency and accuracy was useful. Finally, classroom games and how any game can be adapted to the language point and lesson being taught was superb.This unit served as a great reminder of the various components of grammar. Personally I did not consider the idea that a verb could be the subject of a sentence such as in a gerund, nor that if a noun is countable or uncountable changes the article in front of it. Overall this unit served a reminder of proper grammar usage, as well as a lesson in syntax. In addition, this unit served to remind one that nor all verb forms are universal and that, especially in the case of past tense, some verbs are irregular. These are important to not to students, especially the more advanced students.