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This is clearly the most difficult unit to date and I have to comment that I have not found the explanations of the phrasal verbs clear enough. I think there should be more detail and examples should be highlighted or underlined to show clearly the behavior and roles/placings of the words in the sentences. The expression 'transitive inseparable phrasal verb' is in itself quite complicated to grasp for a new teacher let alone a new student. Please consider this observation.THIS UNIT WAS AN EYE-OPENER TO A WHOLE LOTS OF POINTS REGARDING HOW TO GO ABOUT PLANNING AND TEACHING IN A BUSINESS ENGLISH CLASS. IT ADDRESSED THEMES THAT MAY BE APPLIED IN A RANGE OF CONTEXTS AND SITUATIONS. THE UNIT EXPLAINED THE USE OF CASE STUDIES AS A TOOL, IT CONSIDERS A PROCESS CALLED FRAME WORKING, THE USE OF THE METHODOLOGY KNOWN AS PROBLEM BASED LEARNING. THE SECTION ALSO LOOKED INTO OTHER METHODS OF TEACHING AND ENDED WITH SAMPLES OF LESSON PLANS WITH MATERIALS.