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I have seen from the two videos which teacher taught and which teacher helped the students to understand a grammar point. In the first video, the teacher was intimidating, unfriendly and knows no technique or does not use a method in teaching a grammar lesson. In the second video, the teacher was friendly, kind and helpful to his students, very accommodating and one that made the students feel relaxed. I must admit I saw some of my attitudes in the first video and it helped me to realize the mistakes I should correct so that I will be able to improve as a language teacher. However, I also saw myself in the second video, one who is friendly and accommodating and one that helps my students learn before the class ends. I think the teacher in the video made a lesson plan that centers on himself more and less of his students. In the second video however, the teacher did not do all the talking because he allowed his students to go in pair. the students were able to express themselves and contributed much to the success of the teacher's lesson.