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As a teacher myself teaching young learners, I find this unit informative and supportive toward my teaching knowledge. A very helpful point I have learnt is to never 'cheat' with the students' mother language as this demotivates the students. I have learnt that when teaching a group of students it's important to make sure to challenge the more advanced individuals so they don't feel bored and also to cater to the needs of the students who are at a lower level in the language, so those students don't feel left out. I agree it's important for teachers not to have favorites so all the students feel important in the classroom. As I also conduct quite a fair amount of private tutoring I find some helpful ideas within this unit that I have not yet used, for example using newspaper articles. Lastly regarding Business English I think there are many helpful points mentioned in this unit. It's mentions a mid-course evaluation that I was not aware of and I understand that this concept can also be applied for other courses besides business English.