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Unit 2 describes the many roles of the teacher and the learner.A teacher will generally adopt a teaching style based on his/her personality. They could play their roles as an instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counselor, or policeman. This unit talks about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching adults, groups, and individuals. This unit also explains listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills in Business English. Meetings and Telephoning are two examples where listening skills are likely to be used. Mails, memos, and publications are examples where reading skills are likely used. Telephoning, messaging, and presentations are used to help improve speaking skills. and lastly, writing skills can be enhanced by having activities using mail, meetings, presentations, reports, and notes and messages. I learned about ESA when I took TOEFL and it was introduced in this unit again. It was clearly stated in this unit that whatever the order of ESA, all lessons should start with an Engage stage and end with Activate stage.