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This unit focused on productive skills such as speaking and writing. It first began with highlighting the importance of speaking and writing as a form of communication. It is important to note the importance of accuracy and fluency when teaching english in relation to speaking and writing. Sometimes the writing aspect is overlooked. It is important not to do this as it is a huge part of communicating. Fluency and accuracy are as equally important as one another. The unit then goes on to suggest tips on how to speaking should be taught in the classroom. With methods like drilling, role play, debates, communication games. These are all effective ways to teach the accuracy and fluency of speech. In the later part of the unit, writing came into light. It was explained that writing was a crucial component for learning a language. With this handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation had a significant role to play when teaching and learning english. Both skills were applied to the Engage, Study and Active method and examples given of each.