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I find these tenses units and tests extremely difficult. It takes me several times reading over the material and watching the videos before I begin to figure out the material. I guess I just take it for granted that I know how to speak it, so I don't think about it. I was forced to slow down and really think about it and now I think I can teach it to students in a way that they can understand it because I know why each tense is labeled the way it is and the rules that make it up. I thought this course was going to be easy but I am learning so much. Thanks!!!This unit was very interesting. The information given about the different types of tests and assessments for students was very interesting, especially going into the details of it and learning about the different situations and conditions in which they are used. I personally feel that tests are very effective when it comes to assessing the students' progress for the teacher as well as the students, but not to a level where the students feel distant from the lessons because of the stress the exams can hold. So I think it's very important to find that balance.