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This section about the productive skills of speaking and writing is important, as it's a very integral part of communication. I found it interesting to learn that most people struggle more with the writing skills than speaking. I hadn't considered this, or the fact that most English teachers avoid taking class time to write. It makes sense that many people won't sit and write outside of class time. I also appreciate that this lesson discusses use of a variety of games to practice speaking and to enhance the classroom experience.With the first lesson a teacher should try to build a bond with hos or her class and learn their goals and level of English of each student. Also different classes are at different levels and as such different materials should be used, for example for a beginners class made up of young children it would be helpful to use pictures rather than a complicated text book. When working with a large class its easier to focus on the students when you group them into smaller sub sets so you can focus more and they can help each other out.