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I have learned and understood all of the teaching methods and the various approaches to teaching. This unit has also taught me the correction techniques and correction codes. It is better for the students to try to correct themselves. Student's need a certain amount of input from the teacher,but, where possible, student's should be encouraged to discover the language for themselves. I understand that there are pro's and con's to each teaching method, however it is most important that anxiety and stress be low for effective learning.I think as much as one can prepare for a lesson, it's also important to note the dynamics of the students and the classroom environment. It's important to be prepared for what may come up and know in advance how to handle potential issues during class. It is definitely helpful to know that although there are circumstances that you cannot change (e.g. large class size, students who may not want to participate etc), but there are things you can do to encourage and help the students along to make lessons fun and productive for everyone.