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Ok, so, well...I have to admit there were a few points I haven't thought of before. Helpful. However, question 18 took me by surprise. I thought all of the listed factors were important. Nr 1: Well, I thought students' personalities – even though they should not rule the seating arrangements – would be good to keep in mind and not seat together 2 students openly disliking each other. Nr 2: That is a no brainer, yes, the amount of space has to be considered. Nr 3: Students' ages. Hmmmm...well, I could not use the same resource to engage a 28 and a 12 years old student, so, yes, age would be considered. Nr 4: Students' nationalities. Looking at what's happening in the world I could think of several pairs of nationalities that I'd avoid seating next to each other. Nr 5: Teacher's dominant position. Well, that is quite necessary to lead the class. What now? In the end I went with Nr 4 assuming I'd be teaching in a particular country with a fairly homogenous local nationality. Tricky though. I am curious how this one turns out.