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Elicit from students as much as possible in order to know their knowledge of the language. Always be positive and correct students without putting them in a humiliating situation. Rather let them try to correct mistakes themselves or with help of other students. Keep classes interesting and vary on ways of lessons presented. Student participation is the most important. Make sure that all students take part. During activate stage make sure that students have acquired the language point they have done in study phase.The tense system is the most difficult area for the majority of us, teachers and students. There are tree main types of tense: the past, the present and the future; each of them have four different aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. It is very important for a teacher to perfectly know the system of tense because is a confusing topic for many learners. This unit accurately explain the 4 main tense areas. the form, theusages the predictability of error and the activate stage teaching ideas.