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Unit 6 explores the world of Business English teaching and provides tips and advice on how to get started as a Business English teacher, where to find a job, what questions to ask an employer, how to write a resume etcetera. The unit also lists a number of websites that can be useful rescources for a Business English teacher. Personally, I found this unit very weak. The advice given is patronizing and clearly aimed at a clueless 20-something millenial going overseas for the first time. The sample resume provided is a mess, with typos and bad lay-out (e.g. the dates of employment are not nicely aligned and thus hard to read). The questions asked in the test are an insult to anyone’s intellect. Anyone who can read, can answer these questions. A five year old could answer them. I am glad I got this course for free as part of my 120-hr TEFL package, because I would have felt badly ripped off had I paid US$320 for this course. I learned nothing from this course. The 120-hr TEFL course was okay(ish), but this course is a disgrace!