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Unit 18 covered many areas of grammar including the various modal auxiliary verbs, passive versus active voice, the three types of phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. I learned that some of these concepts can be very difficult for students to use accurately, and so a slow, thorough approach may be best. For instance, when teaching phrasal verbs, making an effort to incorporate them slowly into practice in regular conversation. As I myself have a hard time distinguishing between them sometimes, significant practice is important for the teacher to implement.This unit was about pronunciation and how to teach it effectively. The section on the football scores shows why the newsreader used to read the scores out with that intonation, I never knew the actual reason until now. Stress is very important for sentences and meaning. One sentence can be taken many different ways by just changing the stress of a word. I found the phonemic symbols to be very frustrating. The individual pronunciation can cause the target word to sound strange so the last 5 questions in the test were tests of patience, not teaching skill.