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UNIT 18 MODALS,PHRASAL VERBS AND PASSIVE VOICE 1- GRAMMAR -MODAL AUXILIARY VERBS BASIC RULES: THEY MUST BE USED TO EXPRESS IDEAS SUCH AS;OBLIGATION,ADVICE,ABILITY,POSSIBILITY AND PERMISSION 2- PASSIVE VOICE:THERE ARE TWO VOICES IN ENGLISH NAMELY THE ACTIVE AND THE PASSIVE VOICE. FORM:AUXILIARY VERB[BE] + PAST PARTICIPLE 3- RELATIVE CLAUSES:THERE ARE 3 CLAUSES NAMELY;INDEPENDENT CLAUSE,DEPENDENT CLAUSE AND RELATIVE CLAUSE 4- PHRASAL VERBS -INTRANSITIVE -TRANSITIVE SEPARABLE -TRANSITIVE INSEPARABLE PHRASAL VERBS NORMALLY HAVE 1 OR 2 PARTICLESIt was interesting for me to learn about these different types of methods to teach English. I also recognized much of it from my own schooling and from my teacher training. In my opinion the ESA method looks very good and that is the method I would lika to use, not only teaching English but also other subjects. The reason I like the method is that I think it is balanced and quite flexible. For me it is common sense to teach like that. The teacher is the real leader, but the students are much in activity and are able to talk much English during the lesson.