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This course teaches us how to adapt to different types of groups. In the case of a beginners' group, one must be patient, speak slowly, clearly and be as visual as possible. Tailoring a course to one individual is easier to achieve and one shouldn't face any major discipline issues. The approach is different with a group of young learners. Their attention span is short so the classes must be fun and varied. Using visual prompts, gesture, mime to elicit vocabulary and meaning is highly recommended. Teaching Business English can be intimidating for an inexperienced instructor who has no specific knowledge of his/her clients' field of expertise. Therefore, he/she is advised to conduct a \"needs analysis\" during the first class in order to customize future lesson plans. Dealing with a monolingual group implies that the students will have the same cultural background and common difficulties. They might be more inclined to speak their native language whereas a multilingual group won't have any other choice besides speaking in English.