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This unit taught me what makes both a good student and a good teacher. The different roles teachers can play was discussed, and the differences between older and younger students was discussed. The different levels of language skill were presented, and the different motivating factors were shown as well. The biggest things I learned from unit one were the variety of roles teachers can/must play, and how they must integrate a variety of approaches based on the situation in the classroom, the level of skill the students have, and the age and motivating factors of the students. The other eye-opening learning point was the cultural differences. I personally will be teaching in an Asian country where students (generally) show less creativity and talk and communicate less in class. I will try to facilitate the opposite from the beginning of the course and try to encourage students to try and not feel ashamed of mistakes. The biggest mistake is to not try at all, as learning will be lessened significantly in this situation for a student.