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Unit 4, so far, has been one of the most complex. It has to do with authentic and non-authentic materials, lesson planning, online resources and classroom management. Each of this issues is very complex in nature because it involves a lot of decision-making. Sometimes, it seems easy \"just to pick up a grammar point\" and teach a lesson, but the reality is more complex than that. Lesson planning is one of my major concerns. I perfectly understand the need of a lesson plan to have a structured, logical sequence of events in a lesson. But sometimes making lesson plans takes more time than giving the lesson per se. So if you have 24 teaching hours per week for 6 courses of two hours each lesson, and it takes more or less the same amount of time to plan the lessons, and on top of that you are required to do office duties, attend meetings, among other things, which will take you around a minimum of 5 hours a week, then you will be working easily around 50 (or more) hours a week. But the school will keep on paying the same base salary.