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this unit is about the relationship between teacher and students. the types of students the teacher is going to meet,and how he should organize the classes. Teacher is going to face certain problems in the classroom, as well as the students. looking at the problems some students face, we realize that most of the students are adults and already working. so most of them get tired and have a lot of pressure from their job sites and personal lives. so the teacher should be able to schedule the classes in such a way that it will favor the students. He should also be able to advice the students on certain aspects that will help them better their study lives. The teacher will also be faced with problems like the students not being all of the same level. this poses a big problem. so the teacher should be able to help the weaker ones or use the stronger ones to help the weaker ones. The teacher also has a lot methods which should be used in teaching the students. such as the ESA which he has to use to improve the students learning ability