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The final unit of the TEFL course covers some of the most common problems that teachers encounter in the classroom. It starts with talking about how to deal with new groups of classrooms. There are two types of classes that a teacher can encounter. An existing group where are the students know and are comfortable with each other, or a new group where the students need to familiarize themselves with one another. The final unit looks at how to start a new course effectively, as well as how to deal with large classes, reluctant students, and multi-level classes.I learned that it's important to structure and prepare a lesson in order to have a successful lesson. Knowing what level my class is and how many students I will have can help me organise my lessons and classroom structure .Chatting to the students in the beginning is important to break the ice and get them speaking english right away.Using fill in the blank activities in the study stage is a fun and easy way for students to study the new language.The Activate stage allows students to be creative and practice using the new language in any given situation.