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This unit talks about evaluation and testing, we go into the different types of exams in language schools, their purpose and what they are best suited to provide, for example a progress test provides information on how much progress the student has made in their language acquisition. I learnt the difference between a placement test and a diagnostic test, a placement test is about placing the student in the right language learning level whereas a diagnostic test is about finding out what they already know and can use.Generally, this unit was fairly easy and straightforward for me as the grammar discussed in this unit is not difficult. However, I had a little confusion in one instance, where I came across some examples for present continuous tense. For example, it says in the unit: To emphasize very frequent actions(often with always) - \"She is always biting her nails\". To me it can be added to present simple category as well, would even be more appropriate. But generally I understood the idea of using present continuous tense.