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A. B. – U.K. said:
This unit is about common problems situations.One is the first class,the type of groups the teacher will meet and some activities the teacher can carry out to build a rapport with Students and also find out students English level.Another important point is warmers.This is a fun activity that will get students motivated and ready to start a class.In addition to this,the teacher can also have students of different levels.The teacher can handle this by using different materials or same materials and different tasks.Futhermore,the teacher can have a large class situation,to handle this,the teacher can use worksheets,group work,choral repetition and other approaches to handle this problem.That's not all,there is another problem of use of native language,here we have learned suggestions on how to avoid or keep such problem at a minimal level.Of course the teacher can't always have all willing students and that brings us to reluctant students,here the teacher can use role-play,controlled practice and much more to have them intergrated and lastly we have difficulties with listening texts problems and suggestions on how it can be tackled.