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While teaching a teacher can meet different students. Sometimes there are special students that need special attention. The unit deals with the information about these special cases. It gives the examples of what problems can teacher meet while teaching these special students. And the unit also provides some ideas, gives some advices how to solve these problems. The unit also gives information about teaching business English. It tells us about the peculiarities of the learners and what problems a teacher can have while teaching business English. Thank you!Pronunciation is clearly a consideration in learning English. This unit is particularly helpful as goes into the practicalities of pronunciation in great detail. Having grown up speaking English as a first language, certain things like how to form sounds has come naturally and developed over time. One would not often think that some sounds we use in English would not be used in other languages. This means that students have to be taught how to form new sounds quite literally, with teaching them different manipulation of mouth, throat, lips and vocal cords.