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The unit started with a very good introduction about English learners' levels and different types of beginners. That was vert useful as I didn't know before reading this unit that there are different types of beginners. Furthermore, since I'm an elementary teacher, I benefited a lot from the advantages and disadvantages of teaching children. The advice regarding the DOs and DON'Ts was very beneficial as well as the reasons behind misbehaving and what is usually the teacher's fault and what's usually out of her hands.Unit 14 provided great examples of activities to use in my classroom as well as the advantages and disadvantages of course books. Throughout the reading in this course I was thinking of my own experiences using course books, and also how I plan to implement the use of a course book in my own classroom. Although there is not just one specific way you can use a course book, I think the use greatly depends on the class and students itself. I hope to use course books as a guide rather than as something I follow strictly.