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This unit addresses different learners' groups and provides with specific guidelines and tips on how to approach each of them in an efficient way. Four cases are considered: beginners, individual students, children, Business English/English for Specific Purposes learners. Various aspects in relation to each group are discussed, such as methodology and techniques, possible problems and how to address them, homework. The attitude and personality of a teacher are of outmost importance in setting the right dynamics during a lesson and cannot be underestimated.In this final unit the most importance is given to advantages and disadvantages when teaching an existing group of students, and how to manage the problems that might rise when teaching them. Also, difficulties will rise when dealing with a mixed level group of students, and trying to prepare for two or more groups at the same lesson plan. Sometimes students might be fast learners and sometimes they are not, so the progress is different too. Going through all this training has prepared me better to feed the needs of a monolingual group of foreign students.