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This first Unit gives not only an introduction to the course and what to expect with each Unit, but a list of objectives that us as learners taking this course can expect to see in our growth after completing this course. I've gained more in-depth knowledge on what to expect when taking this course and how it will differ from the 120 hour course I had previously finished. I am hoping to gain more understanding of the differences between teaching Business English and a regular TEFL course, as well as look at how I can apply the methods that I've learned through the TEFL course to this Teaching Business English course. For example, I can already see that this course requires more knowledge of the different types of terms one might encounter, like CTBE (Certificate in Teaching English for Business), EOP (English for Occupational Purposes), LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry examinations), etc. that are more related to the business field, rather than just the more general TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language).