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Sometimes a teacher may come across other forms of teaching, as opposed to teaching group of adult students of general English, which may require some different methodologies and skills. Many teachers are a tad apprehensive when it comes to teaching \"beginners\". On the other hand, some teachers find teaching beginners to be extremely delightful. The \"beginners\" can be divided into the following categories: 1) The absolute beginner 2) The false beginner 3) The adult beginner 4) The young beginner 5) The beginner with Roman alphabetIn this unit, I realize that we have many types of teaching, different students tend to apply different methods, also, we can choose different ways towards different students. Lesson plan is very important through the whole calss, we should desigh it through the target we need to reach of the class and the level of the student. Also, I think \"encouragement\" runs through each part of the class. It is too important for us teachers to learn more skills in the class so that we can apply it flexibly if we met different types of students.