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This study unit explores different ways of evaluating and testing students' language abilities. I have learned that there are different kinds of tests, depending on the result you want. The course differentiates between following types of test; Placement tests, Progress tests, Diagnostic tests, Placement Tests and then external tests. Giving students these tests can help the teacher in a number of ways, e.g., what class to put the student in, what the student can remember from what he learn in a specific class etc.Teaching special groups would be more effective and smooth sailing if a needs assessment has been done at the very start of the program. Needs assessment may not take the form of a personal survey answered by the students themselves. This is basically true among young learners and children. In this case, the teacher can always seek the help of the parents, guardians, or even the previous teachers (if applicable). The needs assessment would be the basis for making the program specific to the students or clients.