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This unit spoke about the different parts of phonology and pronunciation and how to teach them. It discussed stress, intonation, and articulation. For intonation, it discussed the major intonation patterns in English. For stress, it discussed how words are typically stressed and what parts of a sentence are stressed most commonly. Lastly, for articulation it discussed the IPA phonetic alphabet, places of articulation, and manner of articulation. Each section also discussed useful ways to practice each with a class.Classroom management is an essential skill needed to organize and manage a class. Teachers need to be flexible and ready to change their role according to the activity and circumstances. They also need to be able to foresee possible negative consequences and solve appropriately. Teachers should never be dominant or not present enough and leave the students uncertain. Many things need to be considered in order to have a successful class: the grouping of students, the seat arrangement, eye contact, voice and so on.