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D. M. - Korea said:
In this unit we talk about conditionals, direct and report speech. There are five main conditionals: -Zero conditional: it used for actions or facts that are thruth. If and when are interchangeable. -First conditional: it used for action or facts that are possible, even certain. -Second conditional: it used for action or facts possible but improbable. -Third conditional: it used for past facts and actions that didn't happen. -Mix conditional: it used to talk about past facts and actions that could have had consequence in the present if they had happened. To teach conditionals to our students we can use some cards with split sentences and play memory card game, or chain conditionals or gap filling. The report speech is introduced by declarative verbs such as say/tell, ask, answer/replay. If in the report speech this verb is in a present tence the report is like the direct speech (She says she never drinks alcohol). But most of the time the declarative verb is in a past tense, so the verb and the time expression change shifting backwards in the report sentence. Even the pronuoms change and they become third plural/singolar person.