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There are some advantages and disadvantages to teach adults. The advantages are teacher can bond with the students and attention spans are greater than those of children and Behavioral problems are minial compare to young students. In the class I normally follow the Straight arrow lesson plan. In the Engage phase, to get the students talking and thinking in English is the most important thing. in the Study phase, the teacher teach a grammer point etc and then study activities are carried out such as gap filld and matching exercise. in the last phase (Activate), student creates context.To begin with,this unit talks about equipment, resources and teaching aids.I learned the different kinds of equipment and how to use them step by step.Another thing is the resources. It's beyond my imagination that there are lots and lots of online resources still existing and its free.Now I know exactly what to do and how to teach.I feel so great that everything is provided. All I need to do is to pick up one and apply. This is excellent sources of teaching aid. It's very helpful and time saver especially to busy teachers like me.To sum up,what else are looking for everything is here.