TESOL Jobs Boma Democratic Republic Of The Congo

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This was a great lesson with a lot of helpful material. Many of the schools in Dakar that hire English teachers are schools that deal with business. I appreciated how the lesson pointed out that one does not have to have an intimate knowledge of the specific business in order to teach English. I also appreciated the information on how to teach children, I've been intimidated by how to teach them, so appreciated the advice given in this lesson. I'm seeing that there really are many avenues to teach and am excited with the potential.After reading the synopsis of teaching & learning of Unit-2 I can identify the role of a teacher and the learner. One of the main attractions teaching EFL is that I can enjoy living abroad and get paid. I know a teacher's role. As CTBE I can teach specific business English to the group of non-English speaking people and individuals. Teaching adults will be fun to a group of students but there are advantage and disadvantage for the students and the teacher. How to use ESA methodology as a Business English is also a technique to use.